Commissioning and Start up


Commissioning & start-up in the last visible step of a project execution process. it moves the project from the "end of construction" to the "commercial operation" status. this phase covers initial and primary dynamic tests, including guarantee performance tests. Initiated right from the beginning of design phase, Commissioning & start-up activity aims to validate the construction integrity and confirms that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for complete customer satisfaction.
the experienced, competent and motivate Hirbod Niroo team ensures the accurate and precise execution of all commissioning and start-up steps, and thus the delivery of a plant that is ready to begin operation from all aspects, including safety, correct installation, verification of equipment functions and professional handover.
Utilizing our commissioning and Start-up knowledge and expertise, we help you to move your project from the construction phase to the commercial operation status in a planned, controlled and quantified manner.