Hirbod Niroo is looking for the best and brightest talent.
Our company provides the necessary training and support for our co-workers to keep our employees up to date on the most recent technologies while offering career development and advancement opportunities.
Hirbod Niroo offers challenging, and prestigious careers at the frontiers of the “oil and gas, power and energy” fields. Our team of highly skilled professionals helps leading company identify challenges and craft solutions, help them continually improve their skills, stay ahead of the latest technology, take control of their careers and don’t get left behind in this changing industry.
At Hirbod Niroo Inc., we realize that we can be only successful with people who are motivated and willing to solve complicated problems. Thus, we are always looking for new talent to join us and help our growth.
We challenge ourselves and each other, and believe that success is never final. We push the limit, because great is not good enough. Hirbod Niroo has inspiring atmosphere which empowers itself and its environment.