HirbodNiroo, with experiences from its past and a vision for tomorrow is one of the first private companies in Iran that is developing new businesses and doing Investment projects in Oil and gas sector. our team developes new projects by first discovering new opportunities and then developing a pilot based solutions found by our experts. Our team then establishes the business and gets it to a running state. Afterwards oportunites for growth is always monitored and acted on if needed.


Exploring new growth areas and developing Market-validated concepts.
• New Growth Areas
• New venture concepts


Conceptualize, Craft, Develop and Refine before investment.
• Validate with Real market
• Design and Build MVP and Prototypes


Found the company and get it to a running start.
• Establish the Business
• Permits, Registrations, Team building, Support
• Customer Acquisition


Execute a scaling plan and grow your startup into a profitable corporate asset
• Extend Product
• Expand Market
• Scale Business