President Message

Welcome to our website.

HIRBOD Niroo is a well-established EPC company with a strong dedication to customer success by providing world-class outstanding services since 2005. Our business operation and culture are anchored in our core values and characteristics, which can be best summarized, by “safety, integrity, innovation, communication, and customer focus”.
Safety; we are committed to follow the safety protocols and procedures for our own safety and for those around us.
Integrity; we establish trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability.
Innovation; since engineering is an endless quest that constantly requires a higher level of performance, we always push the envelope of the engineering performance to discover new ways to overcome challenges.
Communication; Our team members are effective communicators who set clear objectives with well- defined and measurable goals and a realistic timeframe for achievement .They are available and approachable, and demand constructive evaluation and feedback while performing their excellence.
Customer focus; Customer focus is demonstrated by responsive and dependable support of customer’s goals and objective.
We, Hirbod Niroo, would be honored to accompany you in the journey of turning your concepts into reality.
Maham Momeni